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If you have any issues during the installation process, please click here to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions and resolve any problems.

Here are three videos that give an overview of the GovReg®, How to adjust and a keezer conversion video:

How to adjust a GovReg®

Overview of the GovReg®

Project Showcase - Converting a Keezer from standard secondary to GovReg®

Mapping your setup

Before we get installing, let’s make sure you received the correct number of GovRegs.

Dispense Systems:

The easiest approach is knowing the amount of tap handles or lines you will be using.  For Example: 16 line draft system would want to include 16 GovRegs.  You may have various beer lines, Nitro lines, Cider Lines or Wine lines.  The GovReg can be used in all applications.  In the next step we will discuss the installation process. 

Home Brewers:

An advantage of the GovReg is that we have optional fittings that allow for flexibility.  Most home brewers are putting beer in corny kegs, which is why we create the ball lock adapter.  The adapter allows home brewers to connect their dispense system direct to corny kegs.  The same rule applies when matching the draft lines to the GovRegs.  In addition, match the amount of corny kegs you plan to connect to the amount of Ball lock adapters. 

Don’t Forget:

GovReg Adjuster Tool: Having an adjuster tool is needed in order to adjust the pressure on the GovRegs.  Whether you have 1 or 24 GovReg’s, a single adjuster is needed to set the pressure to each. 


Once your system is mapped out and you have ordered the correct amount of GovRegs, it's important to know what pressure you plan to set each line at before hooking up your kegs.  Before hooking up your GovRegs, ensure your gas is turned off. 

Step 1: Connect the GovRegs directly to the end of the gas line connecting to the keg.

Step 2: Hook up the adjuster tool to the GovReg you plan on setting pressure.  Turn on gas to the line with the GovReg connected. Ensure there are no leaks present.

Step 3: Set pressure to the exact amount using the adjuster tool. 

Step 4: Turn off gas, remove adjuster tool and connect the GovReg to the keg. 

Step 5: Start Pouring!

Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each gas line with a GovReg connected. 

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