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of secondary regulators


Easy to Install


No pressure creep!

No drilling holes

in keg boxes!


Set it and forget it!

Are you frustrated with old-timey, bulky secondary pressure regulators?


Replace This

With This

  • Hard to fit them into your keg box or keezer

  • Can't tell which gauge goes to which keg

  • Challenging to find the CO2 leak

  • Awkward to reach in and adjust pressure

  • Cheap gauges often foggy or broken

  • Clogs cause pressure creep and heart-breaking foamy pours


It's time for an upgrade!  The GovReg  is a governing regulator that replaces traditional secondaries.  It works like a secondary only better!


Saves Space - compact design is only 2" long

Simple to Install - installs upstream or directly      on the Ball Lock, Pin Lock, or Sankey Keg Coupler

Easy to Set & Change Pressure - separate Adjuster  Tool has a high quality 0-45 psi gauge.  Also prevents tampering and unwanted pressure adjustments

Accurate - innovative piston design prevents  clogging and pressure creep.  Set it and forget it!

Universal - fits into draught beer systems all over the world.  Barbed inlet for American draught beer  systems; threaded inlet adapters for all others 

Durable - all metal construction that doesn't break with only 12 parts

Easy to Maintain - submerge in water to leak test; boil in water to clean

Reliable - GovReg locks down the pressure to  eliminate guesswork.  Foamy beers are then caused by either temperature or an empty/off CO2 cylinder, both of which are easy to fix.

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4 Steps to Pour Great





Adjuster Tool



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Kombucha on Tap

This is an all-new way to look at secondary regulators.  You set the pressure with the Adjuster tool and then the Gov Reg installs right onto the coupler.  This is great if you don't want to worry about drilling holes in kegerators to install bulky secondary regulators.  This is the future of secondary regulators.

Jared Gustafson

Co-Founder Kombucha On Tap, LLC

Beer-n-BBQ by Larry

I bought these miniature secondary regulators for my new 3-tap kegerator (a Kegland Series 4) to independently control the pressure in each of the three kegs while at the same time fitting all three secondary regulators inside the kegerator.  I could not do this with three full size secondary regulators.  I’ve had them for months now and have enjoyed the ability to drink three different beers at the serving pressures most suited to the beer style in each keg.



Beer-n-BBQ by Larry

Get Started!


Most draught beer folks know they need a secondary pressure regulator for each keg in order for each keg to pour great.  So why don’t they always do it?  Traditional secondaries are too big and too complicated to install in keg boxes & keezers.  They leak, they clog, and the 


pressure creep makes them unreliable.  The old-timey regulators came from 1920’s welding equipment, were modified for beer in the 1960’s, and haven’t changed much since.  We hear the only people who like them are the ones who sell them.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 8.52.26 AM.png

Making beer is hard work and we believe pouring it great should be easy.  That’s why we created the GovReg, a governing regulator that replaces secondary pressure regulators.  The GovReg works like a secondary regulator, only better. It's compact, simple to install in tight spaces, and consistently accurate.  The GovReg takes the guesswork out of dispense.  Once you lock down the pressure on each keg with the GovReg, you just have to make sure the beer is the right temperature and you have gas.  If so, then you'll have consistently great pours.

Getting started is easy:  1) Order the kit, 2) Install the GovReg on each keg, 3) Install the GovReg inline on the gas port of the keg coupler, 4) Pour your beer! Click here to watch an installation video. 


Maintenance is simple:  The GovReg is all-metal construction that never breaks or leaks.  The innovative piston design doesn’t clog, so no pressure creep.  To set/change the pressure, use the high-quality gauge Adjuster Tool.  To leak test, submerge the GovReg in water and look for bubbles.  To clean the GovReg, soak it in boiling water for a few minutes.  GovRegs are meant to last. 

Stop struggling with traditional, old-timey secondary pressure regulators.  Eliminate the frustration and guesswork of draught beer dispense.  Make foamy and flat pours a thing of the past.  Keep your keg box/keezer neat and tidy inside.  You can be in total control of your draught dispense and have peace of mind that each beer will pour great. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?  We are here to answer! 

If you don't find what you need below, click here and ask away.

Traditional pressure regulators for draught beer dispense came from 1920's welding equipment modified for beer in the 1960's.  A primary is really just a secondary with the high pressure gauge removed.  Take a look at your primary.  Wiggle the gauges.  Do you want two of those controlling your beer?  Then think about how much CO2 leaks out.  You still need one primary, but you don't need two.  The GovReg replaces the secondary (or the second primary).  It's a governing regulator that accurately controls and consistently maintains the pressure to the keg. 


It's tricky to solve a problem with 2 variables (algebra & real life).  In draught beer dispense the 2 variables are temperature and pressure.  The GovReg allows you to set and lock down pressure (make it fixed), which means you simply focus on temperature.  There are 4 temperatures to get right: temperature of the beer in the keg, temperature inside the keezer/kegerator, temperature from the keezer to the faucet, and temperature of the glass.  If any one of these temperatures is too high, the beer will foam.  It's that simple.

It depends.

  • If all your beer is the same style and same carbonation value, then you're dispensing it all at the same pressure.  In that case, you only need one GovReg installed upstream and split it downstream so each keg gets the same pressure.  This is the exact install at Tropicana Field - they simply put the GovReg on the inlet of each 3-product gas manifold so all the kegs dispense at the same pressure and nobody can change the setting (without the Adjuster Tool). 

  • If you force-carbonate your kegs in the same kegerator that you're dispensing from, get a second GovReg.  This will allow you to force-carbonate at one pressure and dispense at another pressure.

  • If you brew multiple styles of beer, then get a GovReg for each style and split it downstream.  Or just put a GovReg on each keg.  

  • Pro Tip:  Get blue painters tape and a Sharpie.  Write the beer name, style, date, and pressure setting.  Fold it around the gas line near the keg and now you have a label to keep track of each keg. 


Like a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for.  With gauges this is entirely true.  One of the best sources we found that clearly explains gauge accuracy is Winters Instruments:  Considering how important gauge accuracy is to pouring great draught beer, it doesn't make sense that traditional pressure regulators use cheap built-in gauges that often fog, leak, and break.  That's why we separated the gauge from the pressure regulator.  The GovReg locks down the pressure with no pressure creep.  The Adjuster Tool has a high quality gauge to set/change the pressure on GovRegs.  You get both quality and accuracy with the GovReg.



There's a wide range of prices for old-timey secondary pressure regulators.  The GovReg is equal in cost to the low end of that price spectrum.  The Adjuster Tool has a high quality gauge and is used to set/change pressure for GovRegs.  The Adjuster Tool costs about the same as mid-priced traditional secondary regulators.  You only need 1 Adjuster Tool to set/change pressure for an unlimited number of GovRegs.


It's pretty straight forward to set up the GovReg in a draught beer system.  Connect the GovReg to the CO2 bottle, attach the Adjuster Tool, turn on gas flow.  Use Adjuster Tool to set pressure.  Turn off gas flow.  Attach GovReg to Pin Lock, Ball Lock, or Sankey Keg.  We also have accessories to install inline on the CO2 gas line.


The GovReg is durable all metal construction and meant to last, so it doesn't break.  However the GovReg can get dirty from beer back flow from the keg, beer spray on the outside of the GovReg, etc.  To clean the Gov Reg, simply disconnect the GovReg from the gas line, boil in hot water for about 5 minutes, let cool, reattach to gas line, and blow out any excess water.  Check pressure setting and install on the newly cleaned Pin Lock, Ball Lock, or Sankey Keg Coupler.


Yes! Brewers are incredibly clever and have discovered other uses for the GovReg. Here are 3 we know of so far:

  • Dispense directly from the Brite tank using a tri-clamp fitting, so you don't have to keg the beer to dispense it.

  • Force carbonate using a carb stone, which gives you better control of your force carbonation values.

  • Install backwards on a fermenter, which allows you to ferment at higher pressures yet still control the volume of CO2 you're removing from the fermenter.  Works sorta like a "controlled spunding valve".

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