Item Number:  LUS5150




The GovReg is a Governing Regulator that replaces traditional secondary pressure regulators.  It works like a secondary only better. 


  • Saves Space: our compact design is only 2” long

  • Installation is Simple: installs upstream or directly on the Ball Lock, Pin Lock, or Sankey Keg Coupler without having to drill holes in your keg box or keezer

  • Easy to Set & Change Pressure: preset pressure is set at 12 PSI but can be easily changed using the separate Adjuster Tool with it’s high quality 0-45 psi gauge.  It also prevents tampering and unwanted pressure adjustments

  • Accurate: innovative piston design prevents clogging and pressure creep.  Set it and forget it!

  • Durable: all metal construction that doesn’t break with only 12 all stainless steel parts.   Proven by tire inflation technology to provide high precision and lasting durability.

  • Easy to Maintain: submerge in water to leak test and boil in water to clean

  • Reliable: GovReg locks down the pressure to eliminate the guesswork.  Foamy beers are then caused by either temperature or an empty/off CO2 cylinder, both of which are easy to fix!

GovReg - Governing Regulator - North/South American Fixed Barb

  • We get that stuff happens.  When it does, we'll make it right.  If you need assistance during installation or use, we’re here to help.  Check out our page for installation and troubleshooting tips, send us an email, or give us a call.  The GovReg®, Adjuster Tool, and Accessories are made to last.  There is no planned obsolescence.  If something is damaged or defective, we’ll replace it.  We want you to be a Pour Master!

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