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Item Number: LUS5500




The Adjuster Tool is used to set the GovReg to the proper dispense pressure for that style of beer/beverage.  Most secondary regulators have cheap gauges that leak or break, making it hard to set and keep an accurate pressure setting.  The Adjuster Tool is different:


  • Durable: with a rubberized gauge and an anodized alloy body

  • Accurate: with a glycerin filled gauge that is accurate to +/- 2% of gauge range.  Air bubble ensures gauge accuracy and gauge durability.

  • Tamperproof: only the installer or technician will have this tool, which prevents unauthorized changes to pressure settings

  • Easy-to-use: simply connect the GovReg to the Adjuster Tool with a Hex Nut and turn clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease pressure.  Click (here) for the brief install video.

  • Reliable: once the pressure is set, the GovReg maintains it with no pressure creep.  Set it and forget it!

Adjuster Tool

  • If you need assistance during installation or use, we’re here to help. Check out our page for installation and troubleshooting tips, send us an email, or give us a call.  The GovReg®, Adjuster Tool, and Accessories are made to last. 

  • Flat Rate Shipping

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