• Tool used to set GovReg to correct PSI
  • Accurate to +/- .05 PSI
  • Durable simple; easy to use
  • Simply connect GovReg to Adjuster using a standard hex nut
  • Further instructions


Adjusting Tool used to set and change GovReg Secondary Inline Pressure Regulator. This GovReg Adjusting Tool features a rubberized gauge protector, an easy reference gauge (in red) for wine on tap, direct draw, long draw, or nitro / Guinness™ systems. The Glycerin filled gauge is accurate to +/- 2% and keeps your system tamperproof as only installers and technicians with the tool can adjust your regulator. The pressure adjustment knob is simple: turn clockwise to increase and turn counterclockwise to decrease.

Adjuster Tool

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