About the GovReg


What is it?

The GovReg is a compact inline regulator that gives you total control of pressure to your keg.  


It uses advanced medical-based technology and an innovative piston-based design for set pressure that never changes – unless YOU change it.

Today’s draught beer systems need to maintain set pressure under constantly changing flow dynamics.  Traditional secondary regulators no longer measure up.  You can always count on GovReg holding your desired pressure.


GovReg patented technology attaches inline to the coupler!  No drilling, or mounting needed!

How does it work?

GovReg vs Ordinary

Secondary Pressure Regulators


The traditional approach with ordinary secondary pressure regulators is a guessing game to determine the right balance of pressure and temperature.  We take an entirely different approach – divide and conquer!  This makes it far easier for you to diagnose and fix dispense.